We found other DJs with great reviews that cost half as much as you do.

We are not surprised. Like all businesses and products there is always someone who does a great job for the price they charge. When looking for a restaurant you will see great reviews for a fine dining establishment and also find great reviews for a casual dining establishment. However, you can’t expect to go to dinner at the casual dining restaurant and receive the same experience and quality you would find at the fine dining restaurant. We are not the most expensive, but we will provide you with the best value. Your experience with Showcase Sound will exceed anything you will get from a DJ at half the price. We invite you to experience the difference.


Is backup equipment available? 

Although we test the equipment before leaving for each show we do always have backup equipment with us.


Do you have backup personnel in the event of an emergency? 

Additional personnel are always just a phone call away. The best part is everyone who works for us is a Showcase Sound employee. We do not subcontract. This means that in the event we have to bring backup personnel they are just as qualified and trained as any other Showcase Sound staff member.


Do you have insurance?

Showcase Sound is fully insured. We are always happy to provide an insurance certificate for you.

Will you invite client prospects to my reception?

We NEVER invite prospects to private parties. This tactic is unprofessional and unethical. We do not invite people to crash your party to see us perform. We will provide references upon your request. This ia a great way to learn more about us and see what it’s like to work with us. You will even have the opportunity to help select your DJ.


Will I meet my DJ before my event?

Absolutely! Your disc jockey will set up a private consultation with you to go over all the specifics of your celebration.

Will the DJ take over my party? 

All of our DJs, musicians and vocalists realize that this is your event and they will only be as interactive as you want them to be. We promise that we will never embarrass you or your guests. We take great pride in not being that stereotypical DJ.

What if I request music that Showcase Sound doesn’t own?

Our music collection is quite large, and does include most common requests. However, if you give us an advance request for music that we don’t have, we’ll try to buy it in time for your affair. The further in advance we receive the request, the more likely we’ll be able to get it. This service is offered at no additional charge, but we do reserve the right to limit the number of selections that you ask us to buy specifically for your party. We can also play music provided by you.

What type of audio and lighting equipment will Showcase Sound use?

Showcase Sound doesn’t cut corners on equipment. Inferior equipment, often used in an effort to cut costs, can result in static, inadequate bass, distortion, and generally poor sound. Therefore, we use only top-notch professional equipment from companies such as Denon, Pioneer, QSC,  EV, Shure, Apple Computers, Martin, Ultimate Support, Rane and Global Truss.

Will my guests be able to socialize, or will the music be too loud?

The volume will be set to appropriate levels at all times during the event. During cocktails and lunch/dinner we play music softly enough so that guests can carry on conversations without having to shout. When it’s time to dance, the music is made louder, but not painfully so. Usually we are right on the money with our volume settings, but if you should ever find it to be either too loud or too soft, tell us andwe’ll adjust the volume level to your preference.

Are there any additional charges that will be sprung on us at the last minute?

No. While you can add additional services (subject to their availability) to your contract at any time before the party, you are under no obligation to do so. We have no hidden fees and will never mislead you.


All of us at Showcase Sound are committed to providing you with upbeat, sophisticated, and elegant entertainment.

Just call us at 585-388-1699, and you’ll be on your way to creating an event that’s magical, memorable…and fun!

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